Steve Lishansky - Optimize International

Steve Lishansky - Optimize International

United States

The Ultimate Sales Revolution: Sell Differently. Change the World

By Steve Lishansky
These are the principles, practices, and skills that Steve Lishansky teaches top leaders that enables them to ‘sell’ the most powerful, yet intangible, things of all – their company vision, mission, and strategic goals.

These are the profound skills of communication and relationship building spelled out and structured for immediate application. Using these principles transforms every interaction into a powerful advancing of what really matters, and moves people to action, alignment and agreement!

Whether you need to increase your influence, move teams to more effective action, build better relationships, turnaround difficult ones, or sell high-end services and products, this book promises insights that will accelerate and advance your results dramatically.

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Accelerating and maximizing leader’s personal, interpersonal, and organizational impact & results – with the unique Optimize International® 3-Dimensional Leadership™ development principals.