Scribes Unlimited

Scribes Unlimited

3471 Shannon Road, United States

Scribes Unlimited offers an attractive variety of writing, editing, proofreading and planning services for just about anything business-related, technical, or creative.

With many years working in the freelance writing industry, Scribes Unlimited is confident to provide assistance and support for businesses, organizations, and individuals seeking written, edited documentation, research, consultations, promotional materials and public relations.

Scribes Unlimited takes the time to go over with you exactly what your company is, and we don't stop until we know your company as well as you yourself should.

With interesting and thought-provoking language, informative facts and figures, visual graphics, and key financial documents and forms, we can guarantee you a business plan that you can literally 'take to the bank.'

Our business plans merit attention because we combine the graphics and the key facts and figures investors and bankers want to see, with the detailed, professional and eloquent style of writing that illustrates your project perfectly.

Your professional business plan will include:

·      Extensive and Detailed Executive Summary

·      Product and/or Service Summary

·      Complete Marketing and Market Analysis

·      Competition Analysis

·      Management and Personnel Evaluation

·      Full Financial Data and Future Projections

·      Accurate current valuation of your business

·      Detailed and easy-to-understand charts and tables