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Have a Qualified Attorney Create / Review Your Trust

Our firm usually charges $1,600 to prepare a living trust from scratch. I can imagine that many people like to do certain things themselves because they enjoy the satisfaction and want to save money. That’s fine. There’s plenty of business for us lawyers. The important thing is to do something now. Get a complete living trust-based estate plan in place because it can really pay off when you need it most. This is no time to buy a cheap product.

With LivingTrustBuilder, you’re doing a good service for your customers and they should know the importance and value of doing it right. As part of our legal services, for a nominal fee of $350 we will gladly review any living trust developed using your software, and thereafter make any necessary recommendations. I see this not only as an opportunity to meet a potential new client but a way of making sure more people address this important issue.

– Mark Klein, Attorney, Klein Law Corporation, Irvine, CA