Jim Castiglia

Jim Castiglia

United States
9-5, M-F

Management Coaching for Seasoned Business Owners and CEOs

Mentor, coach, and karate black belt JIM “the Business Street Fighter” 

JIM CASTIGLIA is on a crusade to prepare visionary business owners to win the economic war of today by capitalizing on black belt, master-level, offensive attack strategies, and tactics in all dimensions of their businesses – management, marketing, finance, and economics.

How I Can Help You 

Focus on the critical drivers of business success.
Jim's "sweet-spot" clients are entrepreneurs and business owners with annual revenues up to $100 million.

They want to build a more valuable business, which they can either keep and drive free cash flow, or sell for high multiples.

They're looking to...

  • Consistently Meet or Exceed Sales Forecasts
  • Enhance the Effectiveness and Efficiencies of all Employees, Processes, Operations, Resources, and Service
  • Cut Costs; Create Potent Corporate Cultures that Shape Behavior and Performance
  • and Comply with Governmental Regulations

Working with Jim, clients rapidly gain confidence, control, and flexibility;
eliminate anxiety and stress; and develop a laser focus.

These gains happen quickly!

Jim has been in the training industry for 40+ years.
He's a member of the International Society of Performance Improvement and certified to administer "The Attentional and Interpersonal Style Inventory" (TAIS) – a world-class performance enhancement instrument used by U.S. special warfare operators, Olympic and world champions, as well as corporations like Harley Davidson, Citibank, and Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

During the last three years, he had a strategic alliance with an international business development company where he was assigned and coached over 200 worldwide clients in many industry sectors.

In 1977, after three years with Mary Kay Cosmetics and Mary Kay Ash, an acclaimed American business icon, Jim joined a group of dedicated entrepreneurs and over the next 13 years, built a $25 million California statewide training company.

He led over 3,000 trainings attended by over 128,000 people and did over 27,000 one-to-one, live case interactions.

He also served in a management capacity, turning around under-performing centers and supervising the centers' staff.

From 1993 to 1995, he was an instructor for an international management consulting company, training executives at Fortune 500 companies in presentation skills, business writing skills, and sales curriculums.

In 1996, he traveled the western USA and Canada analyzing the operations of small businesses.

He recommended consulting engagements for a 72-year old international management consulting firm.