Dr Jake Goetzow - Health Care IT

Dr Jake Goetzow - Health Care IT

United States

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Jake did his undergraduate work at Oberlin College, majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Chemistry. He then was accepted into the MD/PhD program at Mt Sinai School of Medicine and CUNY.

He left the program before finishing the PhD to become Director of the Healthcare Division of Mueller and Company (an Investment Banking company in NYC). He also worked with U.S. Trust Bank, Hamilton Capital, and Von Thyssen Capital. He worked on IPOs, M&As, and Venture Capital funding.

When the market crashed he entered the U.S. Navy to go back to clinical work and obtained Federal and State licenses to run clinical medical laboratories. After getting his honorable discharge, he continued clinical work in California. When the HMOs took over the funding of medical expenses with a huge decrease in reimbursement, he worked on a company, SAFE Diagnostics, a medical device company.

He used Business Power Tools BizPlan Builder to successfully get funding for his company. Having reviewed hundreds of business plans when working in finance, he found this software to be the best in the market. He switched to working in Healthcare software about 20 years ago. When the reimbursement there decreased, he began doing work with a number of nonprofits that help Military Veterans.

He is also working on his own business plan for a joint venture in healthcare software.